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Tofu cat Litter is normally made of beancurd residue or legumes fiber, which is plant based and non toxic material. Tofu cat litter is widely accepted for pros such as long time odor trap,no dust, less tracking, quick absorption, fast clumping, easy scoop, flush-able and etc.


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    Natural Flavor

  • Green Tea

  • Rice hull

  • Coffee

  • Macadamia nut

  • Flavor X


Flavor Natural 、Green Tea、Rice hull、Coffee、Macadamia nut 、Flavor X 
Length 10-30mm
Diameter 1.5/2.0mm
Moisture <8%
Dust <0.5%
Water absorption ≥500%
Clump hardness ≥47 N
Packing 6lb(2.7kg)/ 8lb(3.6kg)

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