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Mixed cat litter is consist of 70% tofu cat litter, 29% bentonite cat litter and 1% functional particle. Mixed cat litter wins for pros such as super-absorption, long-lasting odor trap, fast clumping, anti-bacteria and cost saving.


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    Natural Flavor

  • Green Tea

  • Rice hull

  • Coffee

  • Macadamia nut

  • Flavor X


Flavor Natural 、Green Tea、Rice hull、Coffee、Macadamia nut 、Flavor X 
Length 10-30mm
Diameter 1.5/2.0mm
Moisture <8%
Dust <0.5%
Water absorption ≥500%
Clump hardness ≥47 N
Packing 6lb(2.7kg)/ 8lb(3.6kg)

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